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Why trust us?

At Vinclum we are a group of licensed psychologists who provide quality therapy. We help you understand your cognitive and emotional patterns and know how to modify them to live a more enriching and fulfilling life

Customized approach

Instead of doing things the usual way, we have created a system designed around the needs of our patients.


From family systems to psychoanalysis, we use a range of techniques to explore your emotional, cognitive and bodily resources.


If you prefer to have your sessions from the comfort of your house or want to continue therapy while traveling, we’ve got you covered.

Our Team

Specializing in Clinical Psychology

With a vast experience working with adults and teenagers in the field of clinical psychology. She works with individual, couples, family and group therapy supporting people that manifest different psychological ailments (including anxiety, depression, mourning and other life challenges) in their path to develop their own resources to manage their life in a healthier and richer way. She has also specialised in psychological processes related to migration.

Eugenia Espinosa Maurer

Ignasi Parés Ubach

Specializing in Clinical Psychology

With extensive professional experience, focused on the field of clinical psychology, he has specialised in the treatment of anxiety disorders and mood disorders. He currently combines this task with that of a teacher in emotional intelligence courses and speaker in talks on emotional accompaniment in childhood.

Specializing in Clinical Psychology

With professional experience with children, teenagers and adults focused on the field of Gestalt therapy and emotional support. Works with individual, group, couple and family therapy, providing a respectful space for listening and welcoming complex life moments, of change or personal growth. Gemma accompanies children with special educational needs from a lively and active education offering manipulative and meaningful materials for the integration of learning. It offers group sessions with teenagers to share concerns, questions and curiosities around the construction of who I am in the world, what I want and what I need, raising awareness of emotional management, addressing issues such as affectivity and sexuality, the relationship between equals, limits and conflicts, the use and abuse of social networks or the consumption of substances. She has also specialised in expressive body movement for greater enjoyment, unlocking and knowledge of her own body.

Gemma Haeffner Murt

Renata Infantozzi Moctezuma

Specializing in Clinical Psychology

Systemic Constructivist Psychotherapist who works with children in a family context, teenagers and adults. Her studies, extensive work experience and developed resources allow her to understand how each client creates reality and together work towards change and wellbeing. Renata does individual, couple, family and group therapy, works both online and in person in English and Spanish. Her work has taken her to study the construction of gender and use it as an applied perspective in her practice. Covers a range of demands (anxiety, depression, self esteem and identity, life crises, and more). An empathic, creative and reflective therapist who cares deeply for the therapeutic relationship knowing the importance it has in a successful process.

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Centro Vinclum psicólogos en Barcelona. Especialistas en Psicología Clínica.

“Vinclum me ayudó a encontrar un psicólogo con el que conecto, experto en el campo que necesito y con un horario flexible. ¡No puedo pedir más!”

— Luisa H.

Centro Vinclum psicólogos en Barcelona. Especialistas en Psicología Clínica.

“Vinclum helped me find a therapist that I connected with, whose services aligned with my needs, and who was flexible with their scheduling. Vinclum helped me check off all the boxes.”

— Luisa H.